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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Pride & Prejudice read-along: Update 4 ~ THE END!

Amber at Seasons of Humility hosted a Pride & Prejudice read-along in Oct. and I am very late, but it is  one of my favorite books so I am here to put my thoughts anyway! Sorry, about that!
To read Amber's thoughts, click HERE (Week 4) and HERE (Conclusion).

Spoiler Alert!! There will be spoilers for the ending of Pride & Prejudice, so if you have not read it, read no further!

Pride & Prejudice Volume II: Chapters 12-19 and 
Volume III: Chapters 1-19
Discussion Format: One favorite quote, some general impressions, and three questions for each week's reading.
(Because I missed two weeks, I will be doing two quotes and six questions)

Favorite Quote:
Week 4: 'The five weeks which she had now passed in Kent, had made a great difference in the country, and every day was adding to the verdure of the early trees.'

Week 5: "I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun." ~ Mr. Darcy

General Impressions:
Characters definitely have surprises up their sleeves!

"Will you be angry with me, my dear Lizzy, if I take this opportunity of saying (what I was never bold enough to say before) how much I like him."

Discussion Questions:

1. Who do you think has changed the most since the beginning of the story? What are some examples of how he or she has changed for the better or for the worse?

Lydia: Changed a little for the worse. In the beginning she was just "a silly girl", but there was no harm to that, but at the end she thinks she is all grown up, but she is not.

She is the person who, to me, changed the most. Others changed their opinions

2. What are your impressions of Pemberley (Darcy's home), including the appearance, the location, and the people who work/live there?

"...that to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!"

Everything is amazing. The people have respect for you, which gives you respect for them. Wouldn't it be fabulous to see those grounds! Houses are nice, but the grounds sound amazing!!!

3. If you were a Bennet daughter and got word of Lydia's disappearance, do you think you'd respond more like Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, or Kitty?

Elizabeth I think, but I am Mary, so I might actually do the same as her.

4. Which character's words or actions shocked you the most in this section (in a good or bad way)? How would you have responded if those words or actions somehow affected you?

Lady Catherine! I myself would have actually laughed in her face... I guess I'm not as composed as Lizzy.

5. How would you describe the main moral of the story? Is there a lesson or reminder that especially stood out to you by the end?

Don't judge anyone. I do think that Jane Austen was saying in the society of those days (and still today) how everyone is all about appearance, and wealth. Look beyond that!

6. Which aspect of the final chapter made you smile the most?

Smiling at something funny: The chapter with Lady Catherine.
Smiling with warm fuzzies: The end!

My favorite Jane Austen books in order:
Pride & Prejudice
Sense & Sensibility
Northanger Abbey

Thank you so much for hosting this, Amber! Even though I am late, I very much enjoyed it!

"I will only add, God bless you."



  1. Better late than never!

    I probably would have either laughed or cried at Lady Catherine if I had to deal with her.

    Loved this post, MC!


    1. That is true! And at least I got it in before the year ends!

      I am stunned at how people (Charlotte, Mr. Collins) can be so composed! That is definitely it, laugh or cry!!

      Aw, thank you so much, Catherine! It is so nice of you to read it! :D

  2. YES THE ENDING!!!! I love pretty much everything about the last few chapters. Also, totally agreed about Lady Catherine. I always laugh at her when reading or watching P&P, and I have my doubts as to my ability to refrain from doing so were I face to face with her. That lady!
    Basically I love everything about this post! Of course! I've loved reading along with your reviews of P&P!

    1. It is great!!! The last few chapters are so good, I read them so quickly that I had to go back and read them again! Lady Catherine is a hoot! Book and movie, you cannot laugh at her! Well, we can laugh at her together that way we won't look completely crazy...
      Aw, thank you so much, Rae! It makes me so happy to hear that you enjoy them!! :D


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