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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Book Review: The Hundred and One Dalmatians

Hello again!
A few weeks ago, I had my Post Halloween Blog Party and one of the posts was about Cruella de Vil and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. I hadn't gotten the book in and read in time, but I did get it and read it so I will be reviewing that and some up-dated thoughts on Cruella de Vil. Enjoy!

The Hundred and One Dalmatians, by Dodie Smith:

Two dalmatians, Pongo and Missis, will soon be parents to puppies! When they arrive there are fifteen of them, and that is too many for Missis to handle. Mr. and Mrs. Dearly there pets, find another dalmatian, Perdita, who will help feed the puppies. One day, the puppies are stolen, and it is up to Pongo, Missis, and the Twilight Barking to save them!
Characters: 10, I love how there are such vivid characters here. Such as all the different personalities of the dogs and Cruella de Vil, but more on her later.
Favorite Characters: 
Missis:  I love how some times she doesn't understand things as well as Pongo, it makes her character very real.
"The Spaniel noticed her dazed look and said playfully:
       'Now which is you right paw?'
       'One of the front ones.' Missis said brightly."
Pongo: I love how he takes the situation into his hands (paws) and works it out. He is the smartest of his kind.
Lucky: He really looks up to his dad, and others look up to him.
Words: 9, Oh! There are so many fun references. Like how, "What's my Crime?" is like "What's my Line?" My favorite quote was one that had me really laughing:
"He nearly upset his important business deal by holding a pup to his ear and and giving the telephone a drink of milk."
I don't know why I thought it was so funny, but I did.
Storyline: 10, Oh my! This is truly a lovely story about how Pongo and Missis could give up so much to get there puppies back. And I really loved how all the animals worked together.

The book, as always, was SO much better than either of the movies, I think the movie that is closer to it is the 1961 version. This is really a lovely story, no bad language, I really recommend it!! You can find my reviews of the two movies, HERE.

"I worship furs! I live for furs!"

One of the things I found really interesting in the book was how much Cruella really was like a devil. How she loved the heat. And it was interesting about her interest in pepper. How everything in her house tasted of pepper and how she tasted of pepper. "Don't bit her chaps, she tastes hot!"
Also how, for lack of a better word, neat she is. In this picture you can see she has her hair very slick, when we are all used to sort of crazy hair. You can see a bit of her car here; black and white stripes!
To answer my question, she is Mrs. Dearly's old school "friend." But,
'She was no friend of mine, I was scared of her.'

Thank you so much for reading!! Also yesterday would have been L. M. Montgomery's 142nd birthday. Happy late Birthday! Also happy first of December! Also I need to stop saying also.
And to add one last thing,
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Have a good day!


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