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Monday, September 5, 2022

The Running Wild In Impractical Outfits Tag // Seeing if I Have Any Sense of Style

Greetings, friends!

I am not know for being good at making decisions. Over a year ago I was tagged for the Running Wild In Impractical Outfits Tag created by Elizabeth (thank you, thank you, thank you!), and it has taken me this long to fill it out. Guys, it takes me, like, 15 minutes to decided what I'm going to wear every day, so we shouldn't be surprised. Lately I've been trying to find my own style and while I'm making some progress I still have a long way to go. This was very good practice for that! Welcome to my fantasy wardrobe. 

I never considered it, but I think I could make that work.

The Rules I guess
- Put a link to my blog (Autumn Ink)
-Put a link to your post in the comments (You don't have to, but I'd love to see your answers)
-Tag people if you want  (this tag has me as it's creator, it was never going to be done well) (I think you've done very well, Elizabeth!)
-Have fun with the tag and feel free to add things, change locations, or whatever you want.
-The outfits you choose can be from anywhere you like (movies, books, shows, real life, etc.) and they can be as practical or as impractical as you'd like. Choose with as much flagrant disregard for custom or rules as you choose.
-You have to bring a different fictional character of your choosing to each location

I'm not quite to Esme level in my clothing choices, but you never know what the future will bring.

I am choosing each of my outfits from movies, because why not. In hindsight, this was maybe because I was already thinking of that character I just wanted to take them with me. It's probably weird if I'm stealing her wardrobe then making her come with me. But I think most of them would be up for it.

At the Beach (Or the Holiday House from the song 'the last great american dynasty- Taylor Swift')-

I'm taking inspiration from 2019's Little Women. I'd wear what Jo is wearing because, let's be honest, it's blue. Blue-ish.

Just as a heads up, all the images in this post are really big. Because a. that's my vibe right now and b. I can't really see that well and this helps.

I'm taking Miss Penelope Lumley, the three Incorrigibles, and Simon Harley Dickenson from The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place books. One of the books takes place at the beach/ocean, and it's my favorite in the series, so of course we're going there again.

Car Wash-

What does one wear to a car wash? I guess I'll wear any of Eun Ha-Won's outfits from Cinderella and the Four Knights because she's always summery? 

As for companions, I'm taking the Phantoms--Luke, Alex, and Reggie. Because I think they'd have a blast messing with people. Writing in the soapy water and whatnot, you know. 

These dorks are dying--er, they're already dead, so they are pleading with their puppy eyes--to get into trouble.

University of Glasgow-

Anything Nancy wears in Nancy Drew (2007). Her outfits are very studious. 

And I'm taking Billy Tranter with me. He is living chaos so it would be a wild trip, but he would be so inspired. I just hope we won't get banned because of him, but either way he'll have a lot of ideas for his inventions. 

I love him a lot, but my computer doesn't. I lost count of how many tries it took for me to upload a picture of him. And then, MWAHAHA, I got a gif to work.

Abandoned Castle-

Anything Marian wears, because then I would feel like I'm in Robin Hood. (Okay, not anything, because I don't want the camo jumper). But look at this promo shot! I love it!

Now who to take? Merlin? Merlin! Gwaine! Arthur! Yep, I'm taking all of them. It's one of my top favorite episodes when they all are exploring an abandoned castle, okay? I need Strength, Courage, and Magic with me. If you think that's too many and I need to take just one, know I originally was planning on taking all the knights of the Round Table. I rounded down, if you will. (*laughs chaotically from own joke*)

Look at the lovable sweethearts! I love how differently they react to things.

A Fictional Place of Your Choosing-

There is no question, guys. It's Narnia, and I'm wearing Susan's dress. Okay, maybe there is a bit of a question, because I also kind of want to go to Once Upon a Time's Enchanted Forest. Either way, I'm taking Henry with me because he is always up for an adventure. He very much wants to explore another world and no one will let him.


My sick brain is having a hard time even picturing what one would wear to a picnic. Even though I would not pull it off at all, let's go with the standard dress in Much Ado About Nothing (1993).

I'm bringing Anne Shirley because she would come up with names for anything and everything we would see. I just want Anne to be my bosom friend, okay?

Summer Roadtrip-

All of Kit's clothing from Unicorn Store (2019).

Without a doubt I want to go somewhere with her and Virgil. Is this because their scene in a car is one of my favorites? Maybe. I wouldn't mind living it over and over again is all I'm saying.

Is it because I ship them muchly and just want to watch their adorable interactions? Stop asking questions before I reveal everything!

In the Woods-

Anything Snow wears in Mirror Mirror (2012). Either the yellow hood or the cool blue outfit. Actually, why not both?

And I'm going with Merida. If we're brave enough. Though one of my nicknames is "Bear" I don't think we'll have that much trouble. 

Dancing in the Rain-

I don't know WHY this question is so hard. But hey, the tag is all about "Impractical Outfits" so who cares if these clothes get wet?

Because I want to mention Julie's outfits sometime, now is as good as any. I love all her clothes and style. I actually wear a ton of bracelets (right now I have on 5, and that's about the minimum) everyday (in the school year. I can't when I'm working) and my sister and I give all credit to Julie for inspiring it.

Yeah, picturing myself dancing in the rain in these outfits is not hard.

I'm taking Juli Baker (other Julie. The one who's wardrobe I'm borrowing is Julie Molina from Julie and the Phantoms. Juli Baker is from Flipped. All clear on that?) with me because she sees the beauty in the small moments and I think she'd have a lot of fun.


I'm taking Jack from Mary Poppins Returns (2018). The important question is, what are we going to be doing in Paris? Because I'm with Jack we'll probably be exploring all the backstreets, so I'll wear anything Penelope wears in Penelope (2006). The coat and scarf combo especially, but everything else, too. Plus, Penelope knows how to speak French, so maybe it will rub off on me? That's not how that works, but it can't hurt to hope, right?

I love the color, I love the mismatched buttons, I just love everything about it.
In a cottage with a garden-

I'm taking Bella's outfits from This Beautiful Fantastic (2017). No, it is not too drab for a garden. We're admiring the flowers, not whatever I'm wearing, okay?

I know this is not what she gardens in, but who said I had to garden?

Taking Tewksbury with me so he can tell me all about the plants. And so I can enjoy his darling goofy company.

Circus or Masquerade-

This is hard because I've been looking at too many dresses that could go so well here.

Though I was not a fan of the movie, I want Diana's dress from Wonder Woman (2017). It has a sword in case anything goes wrong. With Eliza's "wrap" from My Fair Lady (1964) in case it gets cold.

Or anything Ella from Cinderella (2021) would design for me. I'm down for custom.

I'm taking Chayse with me, from Falling Snow - by Skye Hoffert. He has worked at a circus for ages as his mother runs one so he would know the ins and outs. While I hope no circus or masquerade is that dangerous, I have a fear of circuses that warns me otherwise. Plus, he has fire, so...

I have a slight preference for a masquerade because they are the coolest thing ever. I just wrote a story involving one and soon I'll get to act one out. I'm pumped, guys.

(Fun fact: it has taken me over a year to fill this out, but I immediately knew I wanted Chayse for this question.)

On the Moor (a tract of uncultivated upland)-

I am totally going to be traveling with Madam Simsa from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), because then I can have her outfits. She helps Sherlock find things to wear that aren't "too British" so I'm sure she would share. We would also have horses which I would love. She is so fantastic (I just talked about her more, HERE).

Yes, I just had basically this exact same picture in the other post. I'm sorry, that was poor planning on my part. But it shows what I'm talking about!

Fun Bonus Question-
It's the 20's (or some other era) and your husband's been murdered. What's your outfit?

I'm going with this one of Mary Debenham's from Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Yo, I just realized how menacing this zoomed in picture is.

Taking Doctor Arbuthnot with me. A doctor seems handy when there's been a murder. 

And, fine, I'll admit it: once I picked Mary's outfit he was the only natural choice for a partner. Because yes, we are now partners in crime. Not literally, I didn't commi---

That got out of control quickly.

I tag:

That was a ton of fun! What do you guys think of my style? Is there one word to describe it? Is this what you thought I would wear? 

Why can I never think of fictional characters from books? I must watch too many movies. This has been pointed out to me lately. But hey, I was trying here, Sam. There were...3.5 answers involving characters from books. That's a good start right? (To other readers: we are very much messing with each other, but it's healthy. XD)

Also, guys, The Silmaril Awards started today! Check them out HERE! If you have no idea what that is, check it out anyway because the hosts explain it marvelously.

Thanks for reading!

Chloe the MovieCritic


  1. Okay, that was bizarrely fun! I agree, Diana's blue dress is probably the highlight of Wonder Woman for me too. And your deciding to take Chayse along to the circus is perfect!!!!

    Thanks for the tag -- this is WAY different from the tags I usually do, which could be really fun!

  2. Ooh, this is good fun! Probably not a tag I'd do, just because I NEVER pay attention to what people are wearing, in movies or real life, lol.

    The Little Women dresses, though! I think I like Meg's best. But Jo's is cute, too!

    I love that yellow hood outfit! I've never seen Mirror Mirror, but...I have a weakness for cloaks and hoods.

    One of the few exceptions to me not noticing clothes was acutally Bella from TBF--I loved all of her outfits! (Given, most were pretty similar, but STILL.)

    Y'know, my dear Chloe, I only counted two half answers involving book characters. I.e. one answer total. Unless you want me to count a book character answer that involves an image of a movie/show character, which I'm not sure if I can do. I'm still skeptical. ;)

  3. Okay (to echo Hamlette, haha), that was bizarrely fun to read! Fashion kind of terrifies me because I don't understand it, but this was just...fun. Also I adore Penelope's wardrobe!! It's so, so cute. In that picture you'd listed, I'd very much like to wear what Annie's wearing, actually? We could be buddies!

    Also just have to mention how GORGEOUS that blue Wonder Woman dress is. I don't think I look great in dresses, but now I want my sister to wear it, haha.

  4. Hey! Nice to see you're still blogging!!

    Love the assortment of clothes. A good picnic dress of course is gingham... perhaps something from Alice in Wonderland?

    I love Kit's outfits!!!


  5. You did the tag! Loved your answers and just yes to so many that you mentioned.
    I've always adored Madame Simsa's look. I'd forgotten about Unicorn Store I need to rewatch that

    1. Oh, and throwing in my vote you could rock a crown.

  6. I adored all your choices! You have sublime taste, and I love that you used stuff from Penelope, Mirror Mirror, and Unicorn Store, they're all so underrated.

  7. I apparently never commented on this? *sighs* But thank you so much for the tag! I had fun doing it. ;) Also, all your gifs are great. xD

    Ooh, you've piqued my interest in Cinderella and the Four Knights.

    MARIAN, MY BELOVED *cries*

    I love the outfits in Much Ado and Mirror Mirror. Such fun.

    Ahhh, I love your answer to the circus/masquerade question! That blue gown is stunning, and you know how I feel about My Fair Lady. ;) That red wrap is one of my favorite pieces in the movie!


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