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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Movie Review: This Beautiful Fantastic (2017)

Hello, hello, hello!

I hope that all of you are doing well! I'm really excited because today I am reviewing a movie that I just recently watched and absolutely loved! My sisters and I have been obsessing over this because it is just so good. I'll try to be organized while reviewing this and not just scream about how wonderful it is.

My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning. This is spoiler free!

This Beautiful Fantastic (2017):
"It's a world of beautifully ordered chaos."
Bella Brown dreams of being a children's author, but for now works at the library. One night after falling in her garden and ending up in the house of her grouchy neighbor, Alfie, she hires his cook, Vernon, whom he just fired. Her landlord warns her that she will be evicted in a month if she doesn't clean it up. With the encouragement of Vernon, and grumpy advice of Alfie she begins to make her first steps, but will she be able to turn the overgrown mess into something beautiful?
"I don't want to prod around in your obsessive little world longer than I have to."
Genre: Drama, I really don't know. Is there a genre for incredibly amazing?
Length: approx. 92 minutes.
Costumes: 10, It's just simple clothing, but I absolutely love it. All of the outfits fit everyone's characters so well.
Script: 10, there is some name calling (between Alfie and Vernon and is kind of hilarious) and Alfie has a few swear words, but it was really light while adding to his grumpy character and didn't bother me.
"You can speed read, but everything that matters takes time." (this is a paraphrase because I was so into the movie that I didn't realize I was writing over my own notes and making a mess that I can't read.)
Directed by: Simon Aboud.
Written by: Simon Aboud.
Jessica Brown Findlay as Bella Brown.
Tom Wilkinson as Alfie Stephenson.
Andrew Scott as Vernon.
Jeremy Irvine as Billy Tranter.
Anna Chancellor as Mrs. Bramble.
Eileen Davies as Milly.
Natalie Nasseraldeen as Rhian.
Nancy Nasseraldeen as Amy. (There is some confusion here as this is what the girls are credited as, but in the movie they call them by different names.)
Cinematography: 10! Can we talk about the flowers?? SO GORGEOUS.
Cinematography by: Mike Eley.
Music: 10, I wrote, "This music is making me happy." It is so airy and sweet and lovely.
Music by: Mike Eley.
Quotes: 10, everything that they say is just delightful!
"Food prison." (That was Vernon and it made me almost die from laughter.)
Content: 10, this is so clean! It was so refreshing to see a movie with nothing that bothered me at all.
Originality: 10! Okay, it's just a story about a girl cleaning up her garden, right? Yes, but there are so many other things and I love it to pieces.
Good For: Everyone (seriously, you need to watch this)!!!
Age Range: This is rated PG (probably for Alfie's brief words), but absolutely anyone could watch this!
"You should doubt only a man who changes his story, I just repeat myself in the vague hope that one day somebody will actually hear me."
Overall Score: 10!!!!!!!!!!
Bonus thoughts:
Do you ever come across those perfect movies? Movies that are just so wonderful that everyone needs to see and appreciate how spectacular they are? Well, this is a perfect film! This movie is so marvelous! I'm trying to convey it to all of you but you can't see me jumping up and down, squealing with happiness. Just believe me, okay?
The characters are the heart of this movie. Right away we get to know Bella and care about her, and as soon as we meet everyone else we love them as well. I love the pure friendship between Vernon and Bella, as it is something that I feel like I don't see in movies a lot. I knew that it had Jessica Brown Findlay and she was amazing. Tom Wilkinson was splendid, and Jeremy Irvine's Billy was precious and adorable, but I was so unprepared for Andrew Scott, based on the other role that I've seen him in. Anna Chancellor's small role as the librarian was hilarious!
Bella's Luna story! We get a story inside a story which just added to the brilliance. I love it!!
This movie is about caring for people, kindness, flowers, stories, and happiness. What's not to love?? It bumped its way into my top ten movies of all time, and is both of my sisters's new favorite movie ever. So yeah, just please go watch it. If you are ever going to watch any of the movies that I have reviewed, make it this one. It truly is beautiful and fantastic in every way.

Thank you for reading through my excited ramblings! I am now incredibly happy because I talked about it. At first I couldn't find a lot of photos, but then I did and went a little over the top. There is no in between.
If you have seen this tell me your thoughts, and if you haven't, what are you waiting for??



  1. I've seen this one on Prime, I think, so maybe I'll have to watch it.

    1. That's where I watched it a few weeks ago, so I think that it should still be On there. Yes! Please do!

  2. I've heard of it but never seen it. I should. It sounds like a great, unique story.

    1. Oh, it is! So unique while being sweet and heartwarming. I totally recommend it!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS *tries not fangirl* I loooooooove this movie so so much!! It is very possibly my favorite movie ever. It's just so sweet and happy and the characters are so endearing, and just yes. I love it muchly <3 <3

    YES THE INTERROGATION PART! "You already asked him that" "Yeah, I know, I'm trying to test him, see if he changes his story." XD

    Also the food prison line! Pretty much anything that involved Vernon was the best :D

    I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it!! Also, I'm curious, I know a lot of people (including myself) ship Vernon and Bella over Billy and Bella. And Billy is adorable and they do make the perfect couple, but there was just something about Vernon and Bella that just fit better and gave me all the fuzzies <3 *end rant* XD. But do you have thoughts on Bella & Vernon vs. Bella & Billy?

    Lovely review MC!! I'm so glad you liked it, it's such a gem of a movie! :)

    1. Eeeep!!! *fangirls with you* This comment made my day, Miss Woodhouse!! This movie is absolutely amazing, it is the best that I've seen all year!! I love it to pieces now. <3 <3 <3

      Those two were hilarious! XD Later when Billy said that he had been talking with her dad and grandpa I started laughing even more! XD

      Oh yes! :D

      I'm glad that you asked! I hadn't thought of it until I was rereading some posts of yours and Olivia's, actually. I just shipped Billy and Bella so much from when we first met him. I love how they go together because Bella is so neat and organized where Billy is a bit of a walking mess. XD It seems like so often we see girls being friends in movies, and guys being friends in movies but that it is rare to just have a girl and guy be friends without a love triangle that I really just appreciated Vernon and Bella having that awesome friendship. Though, I do admit that when Vernon was asking about Billy he looked so sad that it broke my heart a tiny bit. So yeah, I'm done now. XD What about you? Tell me your thoughts!

      Thank you so much! It is so gorgeous, I'm so glad that I watched it! <3

  4. This is such a wonderful movie!! I discovered it a couple years ago and loved it show much that I made the rest of the family watch it. Vernon was great!! It was great to see Andrew Scott play a kind character for once. I was so surprised to see Jeremy Irvine in it as I had only seen him in War Horse.

    1. Yay! Someone else who likes it! That was such a surprise for me, too! Now I want to see more things with Andrew Scott. Oh, Jeremy Irvine is in War Horse? Another reason for me to watch it! I now also want to see the version of Great Expectations that he is in.

    2. Yes, he plays the main character. Oh, I didn't know Irvine was in Great Expectations. I had seen a version with Ioan Gruffudd. I will have to see if I can find it.

    3. Ah, it looks so good! The Great Expectations with him also has Holliday Grainger and Helena Bonham Carter as Estella and Miss Havisham! Oh, I've heard about the Ioan Gruffudd version, what did you think of it?

  5. Read your review of the film This Beautiful Fantastic, i want to watch it too.
    Thank you for your recommendation.
    Nice sharing.

    Greetings from Indonesia.

    1. Hello! I'm so happy that you want to watch it now! It is marvellous.


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