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Sunday, May 16, 2021

TV Series Review: Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1

 Hello, hello, hello!

Today is the 16th of the month, so you know what that means: time to talk about Julie and the Phantoms! You might be saying, “But wait, MC, you’ve reviewed all of the episodes. Why are you still talking about it?”

Well, you might’ve thought I would be done with this show by now. You assumed incorrectly. Since this is my favorite show and I am patiently waiting for a season two I’m just going to keep talking about it here on my blog. Soon you will all be convinced to watch this Netflix show!

Today is just a short post to wrap up season 1 in a spoiler free review. If you’ve already read my reviews for all of the episodes of season 1 then this is saying the same thing: Go watch it! If you are looking for specifics on anything then go to the individual reviews.


My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning. This season wrap up won’t give anyway any surprises that happen in this season. You get to discover them yourself!

Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1 (2020):
Based on: the Brazilian show, Julie e os Fantasmas (2011-2012).
Julie is still dealing with the loss of her mom when she meets three ghosts. They used to be in a band together and Julie is the only one who can see them. Can they all become part of each other’s lives connected through music?
Favorite episode: 7: “Edge of Great”!
Genres: Family, Drama, Musical, and touches of Fantasy.
Crew: Directed by: Kenny Ortega, Paul Becker, Kristin Hanggi, & Kabir Akhtar. Written by: Dan Cross, David Hoge, Nora Sullivan, & Leilani Downer, based on the series by Paula Knudsen. With Tiago Mello, Fabio Danesi, Leah Keith, Sean W. Cunningham, & Marc Dworkin.
Madison Reyes as Julie.
Charlie Gillespie as Luke.
Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex.
Jeremy Shada as Reggie.
Jadah Marie as Flynn.
Savannah Lee May as Carrie Wilson.
Booboo Stewart as Willie.
Sonny Bustamante as Carlos Molina.
Carlos Ponce as Ray Molina.
Cheyenne Jackson as Caleb Covington.
Sacha Carlson as Nick.
And others!
Cinematography by: Jon Joffin.
Music by: David Lawrence, Vincent Alfieri, Jillian Allen, David Amber, Joleen Belle, Erin Bowman, Doug Davis, Ali Dee, Alana DeFonseca, Charlie Gillespie, Kay Hanley, Hanna Jones, Jack Kugell, Michelle Lewis, Tova Litvin, Andy Love, Anthony Mirabella, Susan Paroff, Dan Petty, James K. Petrie, Anne Preven, Madison Reyes, Doug Rockwell, Jodie Shihadeh, Nikki Sorrentino, Joachim Svare, Jakub Vanyo, & Matt Wong.
Script: 9.5. A few times a name in vain is used, but muttered.
Costumes: 9. They are so unique!
Cinematography: 9.
Music: 10!!!!! I will never get tired of bopping out to the soundtrack! Once you’ve seen the show I recommend listening to the songs as much as possible.
Favorite song: “Edge of Great”.
Quotability: 9. A brilliant script that has great lines to say over and over again!
Content: 9.5. They deal with serious topics here, like grief and death, and handle it so well! Characters go through physical pain. A character is homosexual and everything is super clean and well done concerning him. There are ghosts (which is to be expected based on the title) and everything about them is well explained. Can we talk about high quality? Because you can’t get much better than this!
Originality: 10! It isn’t like anything else and every episode is important and gripping.
Overall Score: 9.5!
Good For: Anyone who loves music, anyone who has lost someone, families, friends, anyone looking for a good show.
Age Range: It is rated TV-G but that is not because it is just for kids! It is not boring in any way, shape, or form! It is perfect for all ages being outstanding in every aspect.
Worth watching?: 100%. This show is now such a part of my life that I can’t imagine not being utterly enthralled with it. My life of stories would be real low, zero, without it.
Will I watch again?: I actually currently am for the fourth time. It just gets better and better!
Bonus thoughts:
Guys, I have poured out my heart in these posts telling you how much I adore this show. Is it going to stop anytime soon? Nope, not a chance. These characters are so HUMAN and real and going through problems of their own yet find strength in each other. This show takes you on a journey with all of them and I love being there every step of the way. There is motivation and inspiration more than anything else I’ve seen. The music performances are fantastic with the cast playing their own instruments. It is fun and lively while being serious and suspenseful. I highly recommend it!

Thanks to everyone for reading! Does any of this just sound like I’m rehashing things I’ve already said? It all feels new to me anyway. When do you think I’ll convince you, dear readers, to watch? Those of you who have already seen it, tell me all of your favorites and anything else! Hopes for season 2?



  1. Great review! I love this show so much! Thanks for convincing me to watch it. I feel like I need to do a re-watch soon.
    Ummm, it's so hard to pick favorites. I think Finally Free is my favorite song, and I'm not sure who my favorite character is because I love them all.
    Honestly, my main hope for Season Two is that it's as good as or even better than Season One.

    1. Aww, thanks McKayla! This show is AMAZING. Thank you for reading my reviews of it in the first place! It is the most rewatchable show that I've ever come across.
      Finally Free is the one that gets stuck in my head the most! It is good in all ways. Same! The characters are all too precious to choose between.
      Again, agreed! I mean, it's hard to live up to how fantastic this was, but I know they can do it. I'm excited to see if we get more about her mom!

  2. I still really want to watch this! (Except, oops, I didn't realize it was on Netflix...which we just stopped our subscription to. *facepalm*. Oh well. Maybe my college roommate will have Netflix and I can "borrow" her subscription. Or maybe I can convince my grandparents to "lend" me their login. XD)

    1. I'm honestly surprised that you still want to after all my talking about it. I'm never sure if I get too pushy. XD You will have a long list of recommendations from me for things to watch on Netflix when you connive a way to access it, but this is the highest priority! :)

  3. Hee, this still looks like so much fun. If I ever have access to Netflix again--!

    (I feel like you love Julie and the Phantoms as much as I love The A-Team. We can just be kindred spirits quietly obsessing over our respective shows together for as long as our blogs shall endure.)

    1. It is bursting with fun and colors and glitter and all good things! I used to always have to wait for dog sitting to watch Netflix, so I feel you...

      (This should be a pact between us. Not to stop talking about our favorite shows and just eventually convert the whole world. ;) As soon as I have access to a way to watch The A-Team I'll jump at the opportunity! How do you watch it?)

  4. I love gushing about my favorite shows, I never really get over them.
    (This sounds so good)

    1. Those are the good ones, the ones that endlessly endure! Every time I find one like that I feel like I've found treasure!
      (One of these days I will convince you fully to give it a try, Skye!)

  5. I love how much everyone seems to be loving this show. I haven't seen it yet but it's definitely piqued my curiosity now

    1. It is of such high quality that I don't know anyone who has seen it who hasn't loved it. Keep that curiosity piqued and give it a try! You won't regret it!


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