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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Lovely Blog Party and The Valentine's Day Period Drama Blog Party Tags!

Hello to all of my readers!

Today Iʼll be participating in two blog parties at the same time by answering tags! Usually I would do tags by themselves, but my answers seemed a little dull separately but better together so here we are!
The blog parties are:

The Valentineʼs Day Period Drama Blog Party hosted by Heidi at Along the Brandywine (going until Monday the 15th!). Take a look at the other contributions HERE.


The Lovely Blog Party hosted by Cordy at Any Merry Little Thought (all month!). Check out all of the other contributions HERE.

Iʼll start off with:
1. Would you ever go for a walk in the pouring rain to avoid the company of a gentleman caller?

If Iʼm going out in the rain Iʼm not going to be walking. Iʼm going to be singing and dancing!

Anyway, maybe I would. I definitely would not walk around in the rain to be able to gaze at a manʼs estate only to catch my death of cold.

2. Would you ever, truly, try your hand at matchmaking?

Whoʼs to say that I already havenʼt? Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!

No, I am afraid I would be terribly obvious, only producing negative results.

3. Would you be comfortable wearing glass slippers for a night out at a ball?

Apparently theyʼre actually really comfy, so maybe I would not mind. Then again, I never wear high heels of any kind because Iʼm already tall so I donʼt have the practice and would most likely fall!

4. Would you ever eat an apple given to you, rather forcibly, by a perfect stranger? 

“Age before beauty.” If there was someone else who needed it more I would share... 

5. Would you ever pretend to be a man's fiancée who you've never actually met?

 Depends. I donʼt see a circumstance where this would ever happen unless I was a spy and the guy was Armie Hammer, like in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015).

6. Would you ever dance with a stranger that sang to you in a forest?

I am rather partial to being serenaded. I like the idea of it. Probably. It also depends on what kind of dancing.

7. Would you ever be the one to propose?

My answer:

8. Would you ever visit the house of a man you refused but is supposedly out of town?

As much as I love that scene in Pride & Prejudice, I donʼt see myself doing this. Unless it was under the cover of darkness or I was disguised. As you can see, Iʼm still thinking that Iʼm a spy for some reason.

For this next tag Iʼm going to to my usual and only use each film that I talk about once. That means that I have to get creative!

SPOILER ALERT! I talk about the endings or important plot points of: Downton Abbey, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018), North & South - by Elisabeth Gaskel, and Sense & Sensibility (1995). If you havenʼt seen those then leave or tread carefully (avoiding questions 3, 6, 9, and 10).

1. Your current three (or up to five!) favorite period dramas?

Thank you for giving me more options, Heidi! I am terrible at making decisions.

My favorites are: Amazing Grace (2006), Fiddler on the Roof (1971), Pride & Prejudice (1995), Little Women (1994) & Little Women (2019).

2. What would you recommend to someone whoʼs never seen a period drama as a starter?

Jane Austen is always a great start! Iʼd recommend Emma (1996) as I think it was my first experience with Jane Austen AND Period Dramas together. (It mightʼve been the 1995 Sense & Sensibility, but Iʼm using that for another answer).

3. A favorite couple that wouldnʼt be included in answer #1 (ʻcause Iʼm figuring those are already top favorites ;)) and/or a favorite secondary character romance?

Iʼm going to go with one from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018) (movie because I liked it better than the book) that is the couple of Juliet and Dawsey. When I was reading the book I was kind of oblivious to them being a couple until the very end which caught me off guard, but I really liked the movie because I shipped them the whole time.

4. What do you consider foundational qualities for a healthy romance? 

Patience. Everything else comes from that.

5. Worst villain/antagonist?

Fernand Mondego from The Count of Monte Cristo (2002). He is terrible! The betrayal of his best friend and treatment of his family make him a horrible person, and he isnʼt sorry! He relishes it and is proud of everything heʼs done.

6. A favorite proposal scene?

In Sense & Sensibility (1995) when Edward Ferris proposes to Elinor Dashwood! It is so cute! Everyone is crying and just so happy! You can watch the clip HERE. I recommend it. I've seen this movie a million times but it never fails to make me smile!

7. Favorite period drama characters based on a real life couple?

The Duke and Duchess of York, who then become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth from The Kingʼs Speech (2010). This is one of my favorite movies of all time! Granted, itʼs rated R but thatʼs the only film that Iʼve liked with that rating. Scratch that, itʼs the only one that Iʼve liked AND loved! Both of these characters are amazing. Bertie is going through hard times but Elizabeth is so caring and does her best to help him while being always incredible.

8. Any classic b/w period dramas you like?

Captain Blood (1935)! I just saw this for the first time the other day and ʻtwas marvelous. Pirates, need I say more? Oh, and Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland because OF COURSE!

Another one is The Son of Monte Cristo (1940)! My younger sister always rolls her eyes when I talk about this because she thinks it is very cringe worthy, but my older sister and I love it. It is so sweet and precious! Epic sword fights, lovable characters, disguises for the sake of a revolution, it is just brilliant.

9. Most mature romance in a period drama? (mature as in age and/or characters who are consciously and wisely ripened by life experience, etc.)

Talking about the famous period drama Downton Abbey, my favorite most mature romance is Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. They were one of the reasons that I kept watching the show after so many painful and horrible things happened. Their relationship is just adorable in every way.

10. Most excruciatingly long, slow burn romance in a period drama?

North & South - by Elisabeth Gaskell has an excellently drawn out one featuring Margaret Hale and John Thornton. I havenʼt actually seen a version of this as Iʼve only read the book. I am really interested in the 2004 mini series, though! Anyway, it takes the ENTIRE book and it is so wonderful and I love it so much that itʼs my third favorite book of all time.

11. A story that has multiple film adaptations where you love more than one of them?

The legend of Robin Hood! It is one of my favorite things ever. I have seen 9 versions, and while I havenʼt loved all of them, my favorites are both the BBC Robin Hood (2006-2009) and The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)!

12. A book you think needs to be made into a film (or a new adaptation)?

There are so many period dramas that I havenʼt seen I canʼt even think about making something new. My biggest contenders would be: Agnes Grey - by Anne Brontë (this is a very boring book that is not my favorite, but Iʼd be interested in seeing costumes and sets and whatnot), The Blue Castle - by L. M. Montgomery, Hattie Big Sky - by Kirby Larson, and Wonderland Creek - by Lynn Austin. I canʼt think of anyone good to start in any of these make-believe adaptations, so if any of you have ideas let me know!

Thank you Heidi and thank you Cordy for hosting the events! Be sure to visit The Valentineʼs Day Period Drama Blog Party and The Lovely Blog Party!

Thanks to the rest of you for reading! What do you think of my answers? Where do you agree with me and where do we differ? Did any of you catch any of the non-sequitur references that I was throwing around?



  1. Ah, the 1996 Emma is so good! I think that was my first Period Drama, too. :)

    Oh my word, the S&S clip is soooooo cute! I love that movie. <3

    The North & South miniseries is amazing! (I've actually...not read the book? *hides*). There's definitely a lot of broody looking-at-people-out-of-windows, though. XD

    1. My sister and I watched it again the other day and it was so lovely! You and I started at a good place. :)

      That movie! *shrieks* My heart can't handle how much I love it. <3 Jane Austen for the win!

      Sam, I know you're dubious about classics, but it is splendid! It goes really quickly. I watched the first episode the other day and was loving the broody staring! XD Now for the rest of the episodes!

  2. I love your answers! THE Tevye gif I may end up stealing : )

    I almost put Amazing Grace up in my favorite period dramas, but there were so many to choose from, so given the theme of the tag, I chose the ones that were romance centered. However, Amazing Grace is one of my all time favorite movies! Have you read the book? It's excellent.

    Interesting that you and I both chose the Windsors for our favorite real life couple. However, King George and Queen Elizabeth had a wonderful marriage and their daughter learned so much from the two of them.

    Have you done a post about the 9 versions of Robin Hood? If so I would love to read it. One of my favorites is the 1992 Robin Hood with Patrick Bergen and Uma Thurman? Gorgeous film!

    1. BTW, I love your new header! Such a creative idea!

    2. Thanks, Ivy! Go for it! I am definitely using the one of Benedick that you had on your blog a while back so it's only fair.

      Ah, that makes sense! I should've done that, too, as cutting down so many contenders was hard. I made it harder for myself! Amazing Grace is marvelous in every way! I haven't read the book, but I remember you talking about it so I will follow your recommendation!

      Yes, I guess we were both in a royal mood! Indeed! I am very interested in watching The Crown as I've only heard good things about it.

      That's a great idea! I would love to do a post like that someday! Maybe once I get a few more under my belt. I have seen that version, and it is my fourth favorite! We used to own a copy and I didn't like it then but now I've come to appreciate it more.

      Thank you! My sister made it for me and I decided to put it back up because I love the idea.

  3. Oh, this was a post full of delights! I loved your answers, to both tags. And that gif "I don't know". I love that one!

    1. Aw, that's so sweet of you, Cordy! Thanks for giving me the opportunity by hosting! All of what Tevye says would make great gifs, so I really like this one.

  4. This was so fun to read.
    Ah, let me see. Is your first answer a Singin' In the Rain reference? And is the second one a Fiddler on the Roof reference?
    Well if glass slippers are comfortable then I wouldn't mind wearing them. The logical part of my brain is still wondering how shoes made of glass can be comfortable. I'm tall, too, so it's not like I need heels.
    I love the 'still thinking I'm a spy' part. It made me laugh.
    Ahhh, the '95 Pride and Prejudice is so good! I love it. As is the 1996 Emma.
    I think it's so interesting that two different adaptations of Little Women are on your favorites list.
    Oh my goodness, that proposal scene is amazing (and I've never even seen the movie. Although I have read the book).
    *clears throat* YES, WE ABSOLUTELY NEED AN ADAPTATION OF THE BLUE CASTLE! Hollywood, get on it.

    1. I was hoping it would be as I was having a ton of fun myself while writing it!
      Ding ding ding! You are correct. I also had a reference to the movie Mirror Mirror (2012) which I had the feeling would be very strange out of context.
      That is me, too. Glass is hard like rocks, but then again it is made out of sand so maybe it's just like walking on the beach? I have no clue how that works. We can just hang out and be tall together. *high five*
      Haha! I don't know why I pretend to have dangerous occupations all the time...
      1995 P&P introduced me to so much! It's been over a year now since I watched it so I need to fix that. That, the 1996 Emma and 1996 Sense and Sensibility (which you should totally see!) are my favorite Jane Austen adaptations!
      Yeah, it's rare! With so many things people have one favorite version, but I can't pick between the two of those Little Women movies.
      *chants* Yes! Yes! Yes! It's what the people want! The Blue Castle! The Blue Castle!

  5. Great answers! The BBC Robin Hood is one of my favorites too.

    1. Thanks! Ah, it makes me so happy while ripping my heart to shreds at the same time...

  6. The Tevye gif, I'm dying.

    Ah, I love The Man from UNCLE. No way I could pull off that kind of pretending, and everyone involved would die.

    Ooh, now I want to read the Count of Monte Cristo to watch the adaption. And I need to watch those other two older movies you mentioned.

    1. As soon as I saw it I couldn't stop laughing by how perfect it was!

      I now want to get my sisters to watch it! Same, as I am way too dramatic and would make everyone immediately suspicious.

      I've been watching and enjoying that version for years! My sister has convinced me to read it this summer because it is her all time favorite, so I'm looking forward to it! Let me know what you think of the others if you get a chance.

  7. I totally would take a walk in the rain to avoid a caller I don't want to see, but I'm guessing this is from a movie or book I haven't seen...
    I've never read North and South but the mini-series is magnificent. Amazing. Incredible. You should definitely watch it.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure where it's from either. My closet guess was Sense and Sensibility? I decided to reference Singin' in the Rain on my own because it's my all time favorite movie!
      Oh, thanks for the recommendation, Irene! After reading all of these comments I watched the first episode and really enjoyed it so I'm eager to watch the others!

  8. I have many comments.

    First, singing and dancing in the rain is always preferable to merely walking. I applaud your life choices.

    I think if you get enchanted glass slippers from a fairy godmother, they would come with the magical ability to walk and dance in them. Wouldn't that make sense?

    Um, yeah, pretending to be Illya Kuryakin's fiancee would not be a hardship.

    Fernand Mondego is awful! I love that you included him here.

    I hadn't thought of the (future-and-then-present) king and queen in King's Speech for this tag, but now I wish I had.

    I may or may not be on the verge of a spring fling with Errol Flynn. The pirate party next week may push me over the edge. We shall see.

    There are so many good versions of Robin Hood around! Excellent answer.

    1. Is it weird that I get excessively excited about that fact? Thank you for all of your many comments!

      Thanks! I'm glad that someone does. The few times that I can be convinced to leave my house is when it's a storm, so I have to enjoy it in someway.

      Exactly my thoughts! I mean, it's not like I'm the little mermaid and am cursed to have every step I take feel like daggers, so it can't be bad, right?

      I would not complain if I were forced to hang out with Illya. (I couldn't remember his name, though, so I appreciate the reminder!)

      He's a true "baddie"! Don't let him get near me!

      If I were to name a royal pair who I'd want to emulate, it would be those two! I made a list of all the period dramas that I've seen before doing this tag so I wouldn't forget anything, and it doesn't always help, but I was successful here.

      He was one of my very favorites from when I was little, so I recommend it! It sounds like a great idea for these gloomy months.

      Thanks! There are many that I haven't seen, but I have seen some great ones. I'm always happy with the Merry Men in the green of Sherwood!

  9. Oh, and I see you're watching Eureka! I watched the first couple of seasons of that and it was so funny!

    1. My sister and I are only a few episodes in, but we've had a blast so far! I haven't heard of anyone else seeing it before, so yay!!

  10. Ohh, you had such GREAT answers! Dang, these are like all the ones that my brain couldn't think of in the moment. :P Good job!

    Also, in the first tag, your answer to #7! XD Can I just use that to answer every question ever? Hahaha.

    Singing and dancing in the rain, YES!!! I'd come with you, haha!

    Being engaged to Illya would be quite fun, yes. xD

    So true about Fernand Mondego! He's HORRIBLE. I forgot about him.

    *gaaaasps* What a great one! The King's Speech! YES YES YES! Gosh, I haven't watched that for ages, but I remember thinking that the king and queen were like, the best part of the movie. So good. <3

    And again with Robin Hood! I've seen SO many adaptions for that one too! Didn't even think of it! What a great answer.

    Just amazed at your genius. XD

    1. Aww, thanks Gabby! I probably spent too much time trying to come up with good answers when I should've been doing other things, but I had fun! :)

      Same! I've been wanting to use it for awhile and that seemed like a good opportunity. Honestly, I answer everything like that in real life and it drives my dad crazy. XD

      Please do! We can skip around joyously without any worries about strangers! :D

      Indeed! Besides the danger element, I would love every minute. ;)

      "King's to you, Fernand." I CAN'T ABIDE HIM! Get him out immediately!

      <3 Ack! They just help and support and are there for each other the whole time! I love them so much. They are one of the best parts of the movie for sure! You should definitely watch it again! <3

      Oh, what versions of Robin Hood have you seen? I'm always looking for more to see! The legend is so iconic.

      You're so sweet! Thank you! :D

  11. Hee, loved your answers! They're so happy. xD

    I'm so delighted you've now seen Captain Blood AND the '04 N&S. ;) *visualize much excitement and many exclamation points*

    I really need to see both those Count of Monte Cristo-y things.

    And highly second Blue Castle (but only if they followed every last minute point of my own imagination *sigh* which alas is impossible) and Agnes Grey (which oddly enough I wouldn't mind at all if they changed up a bit, I actually ended up liking it quite well, particularly the ending of course, but it does have chunks of slow, quick sand-ish awfulness and I wouldn't be averse to the simplicity of the overall plot getting some sort of injection -- as long as Agnes and her true love remained themselves). Whew, that was long winded.

    So glad you were able to do the tag!

    1. Why, thank you! Your questions were delightful to answer so I'm glad that my happiness translated through!

      Ah, yes! *cue some all caps screaming* This has been an excellent year for watching things so far! Captain Blood and N&S were marvelous!

      The Son of Monte Cristo is swoon worthy while The Count of Monte Cristo is full of plots and mystery. With either you have something perfect for any mood!

      Exactly! The Blue Castle is so especially vivid that we would all be quite put out if it wasn't up to the expected standards! I like how you referred to parts of Agnes Grey as "quick sand-ish awfulness" because all it needs is a little sprucing up with the pace and it could be great!


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