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Friday, July 16, 2021

The Julie and the Phantoms Book Tag!

Hello, friends!

Itʼs the time of the month where I drag you along while I talk about my favorite show of all time, Julie and the Phantoms! I've already reviewed all of Season 1, but I have more up my sleeve. Last month I was tagged by Rachel (who helped introduce me to the series!) with a Julie and the Phantoms book tag that she created! Iʼve been so excited ever since, so Iʼm thrilled to finally be free and fill out my answers!

It is nice after my post full of spoilers last week to have one that is free of that so I can just try to convince more people to watch it!

The Rules:

1. Link back the original creator (Rachel at R's Loft)
2. Use the graphic if you'd like.
3. Answer the questions below.
4. And tag some friends!

The Questions:
Now or Never: a recent favorite read

Wild Bird - by Wendelin Van Draanen. I knew it was going to be good because it is by the same author as Flipped and the Sammy Keyes series, and it lived up to it. I read it in April and it was absolutely incredible! It involves a lot of nature and made me want to go outside in the wilderness even though Wren wasn't having the best time at it.

Wake Up: a book that surprised you

Artemis Fowl - by Eoin Colfer. I didnʼt have any expectations going it, but if I did it certainly wouldnʼt have been that the title character has a streak of evil genius. This book had a surprise on every page that I never wouldʼve seen coming.

Bright: a book that lights you up

I asked my older sister for help with this one by making a list and asking her which one I get the most excited about. She said Flipped - by Wendelin Van Draanen, Anna Karenina - by Leo Tolstoy, and Anne of Green Gables - by L. M. Montgomery. I tend to use all of those books a lot when answering book tags, so Iʼm going to bring in a new one that my sister agreed on, but said that since Iʼve read it so recently she hasnʼt heard me talk about it as much of the years of loving the above. Lately even thinking about The Metropolitans - by Carol Goodman has made me giddy with happiness! This books is marvelous!

This Band is Back: a short read

Wonderstruck - by Brian Selznick. Anyone who has seen a copy of this book is very confused by this answer because it has to be at least 3 inches thick. Well, most of that is detailed drawings! The story itself is very short and you can read the whole book in one day.

Wow: a book that blew your mind

My first Agatha Christie book, Death on the Nile, was so complex that Iʼve never been the same. Here I was thinking it was going to be some easy mystery, but it was FAR FROM IT. To this day it is rare that a mystery grabs me in quite the same way!

Flying Solo: a book with a great female friendship

The Lions of Little Rock - by Kristine Levine. Liz and Marlee have to go through a lot to stay friends, but the book is about their bravery to do it anyway.

I Got the Music: a book set in high school

I get this type of question a lot and my mom came up with a brilliant answer a few years ago that I have used ever since. Books 4-7 of the Harry Potter series are technically when the characters would be in high school, and it IS a school of a kind.


The Other Side of Hollywood: a book with ghosts

Liesl & Po - by Lauren Oliver. I didnʼt like this book, per say, because it went in some very weird directions that kind of creeped me out. But I guess I shouldʼve expected it.

All Eyes on Me: a popular book you havenʼt read

Iʼve heard people talk about The Hunger Games - by Suzanne Collins more times than I can count, but I never have read it. I think it has something to do with archery, which, if you didnʼt know, is one of my favorite things, so I should try it! Soon I want to branch out and try more dystopian novels so that could be in there.

Finally Free: a book about music

This was the hardest question and I had to refresh my memory on almost every book Iʼve ever read, but it paid off and I came up with one!

The Trumpet of the Swan - by E. B. White is exactly how it sounds. Itʼs about a musical swan who can play the trumpet!

Perfect Harmony: a book couple thatʼs perfect together

You can tell I watch more movies with perfect couples because this question was harder than it shouldʼve been.

When I read Persuasion - by Jane Austen I got absolutely obsessed with Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth, so they are my answer!

Edge of Great: a flawless book

This is my absolute favorite song of the whole show, so I love that Rachel has this paired with a flawless book, because the song is so flawless!

It also puts a lot of pressure that I answer this question perfectly.

Iʼm going to say The Girl Who Drank the Moon - by Kelly Barnhill. It was a mystical and magical ride full of lessons about being loved and finding your place in life that is going to stick with me for the rest of my life.

Unsaid Emily: a book that destroyed your heart

I knew what was going to happen in Bridge to Terabithia - by Katherine Patterson before I read it, but my heart was still absolutely demolished. A lot of people I know hate this book because of what it does, but while it is a horrible thing, I still adore this book.

(This especially fits because the authorʼs last name is Patterson like someone else...)

You Got Nothing to Lose: a book you were forced to read

(Technically I wasnʼt forced to read it because I chose this, but Iʼd had it recommended to me more times than I can count so it was only a matter of time before it WAS forced to read it.)

(Plus, it is set in the roaring 20s therefore it reminds me of Caleb Covington so it fits pretty well)

The Great Gatsby - by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I thought that I was going to hate it, and the people who know me thought so too, but we were all proved wrong. I totally see why itʼs a classic!

Stand Tall: a fabulous final book

I was stumped for a minute because most final books in a series are a bit of a disappointment. McKayla had a really good answer which I was going to use, but I decided to think of something else.

Rilla of Ingleside - by L. M. Montgomery. I was so scared to read this book. I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables books (the first one has remained my all time favorite book ever since I read it) and I didnʼt want to learn about her kids in case something messed it up. From Anne of Ingleside and Rainbow Valley I thought that Rilla was the most annoying little girl in the universe.

Folks, I shouldnʼt have worried.

Rilla of Ingleside remains one of the most beautiful books Iʼve ever read. And the cover is purple, too!

I tag:
Katie Hanna (because I know sheʼs seen the show)
Emily Grant (because I have a feeling she would LOVE the show)
& anyone else who has seen it
& all of you readers who havenʼt seen it! Please watch this show! You won't be disappointed!

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these books? How well do they fit with the prompts? Does anyone else ship people more when they are in a movie than in a book? Tell me some of your favorite fictional couples! Any new Julie and the Phantoms fans out there since my last post?



  1. Your answers are great! I also love The Girl Who Drank the Moon. It needs more recognition. I also feel it can be easier to ship people on-screen, but there are some book couples I love forever, like Percy and Annabeth and Jamie and Charlotte.

  2. This is a really cool idea for a tag.
    I really need to read Death on the Nile and I've been meaning to read Artemis Fowl at some point.
    I always think of The Trumpet of the Swan whenever I see a swan with a black bill.
    The Girl Who Drank the Moon and the Great Gatsby are so good!

  3. I need to read a lot of these! They all sound good.

  4. I've only read a few of these (just Harry Potter, Persuasion, and The Hunger Games),but they all seem like great choices.


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