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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Movie Review: It's a Wonderful World (1939)

Hello, everybody!

Welcome to the second day of my Jimmy Stewart blogathon!! Be sure to check out the main post and every one's entries!
For today, I'll be reviewing a movie that I recently had the pleasure of seeing for the first time. I really enjoyed seeing Jimmy portraying a little bit of a different character than I am used to seeing him play. The movie is...

(My guarantee: On ALL of my reviews there are NO spoilers unless I give you warning.)

It's a Wonderful World (1939):
"I'm glad. It's not fair to have all of the fun and non of the danger."
Willie Heyward has been framed for a murder which he did not commit. Detective Guy Johnson is positive that Vivian, Willie's wife, is the one behind it all, so while he is investigating, he keeps Willie hidden. The police find them, and arrest them both. Guy learns of a vital clue and escapes. Problem: he was seen. Frustrated, he kidnaps the person who saw him, a 'ditzy' poetess named Edwina, and the two set off, avoiding the police to try to get to the clue before it is too late.
"For a hundred bucks, nothing is undignified. That's my theory."
Genre: Comedy, Mystery.
"You're just money hungry."
Length: approx. 85 minutes.
Costumes: 8, nothing bad, nothing great.
Script: 10, no bad words!
'"You're the most loathsome human being I've ever met!"
"Same to you!"
Directed by: W. S. Van Dyke.
Written by: Ben Hecht & Herman J. Mankiewicz.
James Stewart as Guy Johnson. "Too manly for poetry, eh?"
Claudette Colbert as Edwina Corday. "Lady, you're full of prunes."
Guy Kibbee as Fred 'Cap' Streeter.
Nat Pendleton as Sergeant Fred Koretz.
Edgar Kennedy as Lieutenant Miller.
Ernest Truex as Willie Heyward.
Frances Drake as Vivian Tarbel.
Richard Carle as Major I. E. Willoughby.
Cecilia Callejo as Dolores Gonzales.
Sidney Blackmer as Al Mallon.
Andy Clyde as 'Gimpy' Wilson.
Cliff Clark as Captain Haggerty.
Cecil Cunningham as Madame J. L. Chambers.
Leonard Kibrick as Herman Plotka.
Grady Sutton as Lupton Peabody.
Cinematography: 8.
Cinematography by: Oliver T. Marsh.
Music: 6?, I find that when I watch old movies, I'm so into the plot that I don't even pay any attention to the music. I really cannot remember what it was.
Music by: Edward Ward.
Quotes: 8,
"They're tame apples, you don't have to shoot 'em."
Storyline: 7, there is smoking, drinking, murder (shown as bad), a suggestive thing, and fighting.
Good For: Jimmy Stewart fans, classic movie fans.
'"You can tell that just by looking at me, can't you?"
"Yeah, you've got a 'pretty' face, but I'm prejudiced."'
Age Range: This is a fun movie. It is perfectly family friendly, and I think that anyone would enjoy it.
Overall Score: 8.
Bonus thoughts:
The title of this movie is a line of a poem that Edwina writes.
I had never seen anything with Claudette Colbert before, but now I really want to see more of her! She was so great in this, she almost out shined Jimmy! Being such a fan of Jimmy as I am, to me he is the star in every movie, but she did a great job! Seeing him as such a "tough guy" was really fun, but you also get to find a little of his sweet side here. Very fun, and I definitely recommend!
(I'm really sorry that there aren't the best photos, it would only really give me pics from It's A Wonderful Life!)

Thank you so much for reading! Have you seen this? I hope that you are all enjoying my blogathon so far, make sure to check out everyone else's posts!



  1. Is it a wonderful world or a wonderful life?

  2. I just saw this for the first time a couple years ago, when I was visiting my parents. It veers into screwball comedy territory now and then, and I'm not a big fan of screwball, but I really found it very charming and funny overall :-)

    I do like Claudette Colbert, though I've only seen her in a handful of things. She has a nice spunkiness to her without being too cutesy.

    1. I remember reading your review on it! Agreed, sometimes screwball can be a little "over the top" for me, but when I'm in the right mood, there's nothing better to watch!

      Exactly! She really gets into the character she is playing, and really brings life to them! I can't wait to see more of hers. :-)

  3. That is funny about the title. Also, sounds like just up my ally, I need to see if it is one Amazon Prime.

    1. It is! I was lucky enough to catch it on Turner Classic Movies, but it might be on Amazon, too. I definitely think that you would like it, Livia!

  4. Ooh it looks like a fun one! I really need to see more old movies...

    1. It's spunky and quirky and sweet. :) Same! There are so many that I haven't seen!

  5. a good entertaining movie. Jimmy is very good in an atypical role. The movie brisk and often funny


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