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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Robin Hood BBC Tag!


This week Rachel over at A Girls Place has been hosting a Robin Hood BBC week and I am finally here to participate! Sorry it took so long, I wanted to watch as much of it as I could before I did this.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen the first season of Robin Hood BBC, Do not read this!! It will give things away!!

The Tag:
1. Who introduced you to the Robin Hood BBC series?
Well, you did Rachel! I had been seeing you post about it, and when you announced this week, and told me where I could watch them, I thought, no version is better than the Errol Flynn version, but no version could be worse than the Patrick Bergin version so I couldn't pass it up! (Why I think those are the best and the worst is because my FAVORITE thing about Robin Hood is the archery contest. But I really liked the results of this one.) I have already watched the first season! Thank you so much! This has been so fun!!!

2. How do you react when there is someone else who just started seeing the series?
Well, I am still watching it, but it is so great so I would be pretty excited!

3. Which season do you like the most?
I'm going to go with 1, because it is the only one I've seen.

4. Did you wanted that the show could go on and on, or should it have ended just like it ended?
I haven't seen it yet!

5. Favourite character? (Okay, pick at least four, because there are much characters to choose)
Little John
Much, most times.
6. Which character do you dislike the most?
"I hate the sheriff." Also Guy of Gisborne, every time he does this certain look, I get shivers. My sisters are really tired of seeing me shiver at the computer.
7. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you consider yourself?
I would say 4, because I have been watching 4 a day. Which probably would actually make me a 7.

8. If you wanted to save someone of dying, who would it be?
Roy. That was so sad! Also Allen's brother.

9. Which character would you not want to play in the show? 

10. While watching the series, did you ever read any spoilers about the show?
No, and I still am watching.

11. What's your favourite quote from Robin Hood BBC?
Sorry if these are not exact, I'm just doing it from the top of my head.
"That is the first time we have ever agreed."

12. At least, which couple do you like the most?
How many couples are there? 
I am not going to say the obvious. Actually I am, Robin and Marian.

So, that's it!
Thank you so much for reading! Go check it out HERE!



  1. Aww! That's sweet! Such a lovely answers!!

  2. Oh, no! I missed a RH blog week! Ah, well. There'll be another sometime ;)

    Okay, ROY THOUGH. Of all the deaths on that show, I think that's the one that wrecked me the most, strangely--I guess maybe because I was unprepared for it? But JUST GAHHH.

    1. Yes! And hopefully you'll be hosting it! (Please!!!)

      That was the first big death in the show and I wasn't ready for it. But it did prepare me for more. (not really). But I really do wish I could have seen more of him.


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