"'...I didn't cause a scene. I don't know why the usher asked us to leave.'
'Gordon said it was because you started talking very loudly in the middle of the movie, saying it wasn't at all like the originaly book...Gordon is still mad because he didn't get to see how the film ended.'
'He didn't need to see the end. I told him how the book ended and it was so much better than the movie. They even changed the hero's motavation. Can you imagine? That movie was such a travesty that I couldn't help getting upset.'" ~ Wonderland Creek - by Lynn Austen
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Movie Review: Singin' in the Rain

"Good Mornin'" Everyone!!
Today I am reviewing one of my favorite movies of all time, Singin' in the Rain!
For anyone who has seen this movie I don't know how it couldn't be a favorite.
Singin' in the Rain:
This is a really fun movie that is great for everyone! Once again, this is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, so make sure to tell me your opinion too!!! 
This movie follows the actor Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and the movies going from silent to "talkies"! That is all I am going to say for now!
Genre: Musical, Romance.
BONUS: What shape is Lena Lamont's beauty mark?
Costumes: 9 There are some really nice costumes in here.
Favorite Costume: Lena's with the "Flowers"
Script: 10! There are so many great quotes in here!!! "Cos, call me a cab!"

Directed by:
Gene Kelly
Stanley Donen
Produced by: Arther Freed
Screenplay and Story by:
Betty Comden
Adolph Green
Gene Kelly, "Dignity, always Dignity."
Donald O'Connor
Debbie Reynolds
Jean Hagen
Millard Mitchell
Cyd Charisse
Favortie Actor: Donald O'Connor, I like the wat his blue eyes really apper on screen.
These are the best actors for this movie!!They are doing the play version of it in our town and I can't go see it because how could you picture a different Lena Lamont, or Cosmo Brown!??
Music: 10!! 
Favorite dance number: Wow, this is really hard, I would have to say, I can't decide.
Good Quotes: 10! "Alright, you're a cab."
Story: 10! Anyone who has seen this probably agrees with me. Tell me what you think!!!
Overall rating: 9!

Now, "I will rip myself away from you!"
Have a glorious day!



  1. I haven't see it yet, but I have been wanting to for a few years!

    1. I just saw it last year, and now it's a favorite!!!!

  2. Moses supposes his toeses are roses!

  3. This is a wonderful post, and I completely agree with your ratings.

  4. Oh, how great! Singin' in the Rain is so wonderful!
    I love Donald O'Connor too! He is so funny. And I love the tapdancing! How can they possibly do that so fast?
    I agree on your opinion with the rating. The music is geat(totally deserves a 10) and the costumes are very nice too!(I loved Cathy's dress, when she and Don danced, you know on the ladder, that scene, in the studio)The quotes are perfect and they're good singers.
    Yes, no one could possibly be a better Lena or Don!

    1. It is! Yes, Donald O'Connor is so hilarious! I do Irish Step Dance which has a shoe that makes noise, but I agree! How in the world can they do it!? Oh that scene! That is one of my favorites! I think that is my favorite dress too! I am so excited that you love it so much too!!!


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