"'...I didn't cause a scene. I don't know why the usher asked us to leave.'
'Gordon said it was because you started talking very loudly in the middle of the movie, saying it wasn't at all like the originaly book...Gordon is still mad because he didn't get to see how the film ended.'
'He didn't need to see the end. I told him how the book ended and it was so much better than the movie. They even changed the hero's motavation. Can you imagine? That movie was such a travesty that I couldn't help getting upset.'" ~ Wonderland Creek - by Lynn Austen
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hello movie and book fans!

Hello Everyone!
"The world is a stage, a stage is a world of entertainment!" (Hold the word entertainment)
This is going to be a blog all about movies and books. So there will be lots of recommendations. I will mostly have movie and book reviews, but other things too. I will try to not have any spoilers. If there are, I will warn you. In the comments I am always open to suggestions.

I will be using lots of quotes so go ahead and guess where they are from! These are just my opinions, feel free to tell me yours! For each movie I will have a rating system that goes like this.

MOVIE EXAMPLE: Everything is either 1-10. 10 is the best.
Some kind of movie.
(I also might have some history on the movie or book.)
Costumes: 6
Script: 4
Actors: 9
(If I think there could be better actors I will put them here.)
Good Quotes: "And I keyn't stan' 'em." (Sorry, I couldn't find any other way to get the accent right.)
Story: 2 ( I really like it to be original or if they are doing something based on a book, I will rate it on how close to the book it is.)

And for books pretty much the same but with:
BOOK EXAMPLE: 1-10. 10 is the best.
Book name.
Characters: 7
(I will probably list my favorite)
Words: 3
(I like authors who use lots of words.)
Story line: 9
(This is completely based on how I liked it. Tell me your opinion too!)

As I go along with this blog I might add more to the critiquing, but this is what I could come up with right now. Also, I'm very strict on bad language so if there is any the rating will go down.

Thanks so much for reading! I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope everyone enjoys reading it! By the way, I probably will be using pictures and since I don't own any copyrights If you find your picture, let me know so I can fully credit you or I can have it removed.



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