Friday, September 17, 2021

Describing My Academic Studies Through Movies

Hey, guys!

As I said in my last post, it has been a hot second. It has been such a long time since I’ve blogged consistently and I’ve missed it so much! Writing this post I already feel so much stress melt away (along with my time to do homework, but we’re ignoring that). Blogging has been such a big part of my life for the last five years, and this was a wonderful way to celebrate by almost losing it all, eh? Let’s try to fix that.

Though I am very spontaneous and never have a plan in real life, when it comes to writing I have to plot or else nothing will happen. Maybe I should adopt this strategy when it comes to blogging? I’ve been doing it with some semblance of planning for the last two years, but as my life gets busier than ever I might have to switch over to doing that. I’ll keep you guys posted!

But, what's going on, MC? How is everything?

This scene perfectly shows my life any time I am asked this question.

I am a master of being vague, I know. For years I haven't made any (or limited) references to my age, but I want to let all of my faithful readers know what is going on. In August I started my freshman year of college! This is a really big step for me and I'm really enjoying it. When I started blogging it seemed like all of the bloggers were starting college and I seemed so young, so that's a reason why I didn't say anything about my age. I'm not sure if that's still the same now. 

Basically, having infinite time for blogging spoiled me and now that I actually have to do things, any systems I had are being replaced by higher priorities. It's going to take me awhile, but I'll get used to it, and I'll get back to talking non-stop about books and movies. And commenting on all of what you guys are putting out into the world! And replying to the wonderful comments you have made on my posts! Thank you so much for being part of this journey with me! I hope you enjoy what I have coming up.

I'm constantly quoting this show in my head, so it's nothing personal.

In the meantime, I have something very special for today.

You guys left such nice comments on the post where I talked about working with my dad through movies (HERE, if you missed it), so I'm here to do that with my college experience so far! Sure, I haven't even been here a month, but there have been a lot of feelings so far. If this is enjoyed then I might do a part two later on. Dispersed through out will be some hilarious things that have happened to me. Maybe these are common things, but I've been homeschooled my whole life so all of this is really new for me. Most of them are things that were said in my history class, because my professor is absolutely hilarious. I'm really enjoying that class because there hasn't been a day where she hasn't made me laugh.

Starting off, I'll address the big thing. It has been so strange being out in the world after so many months of being isolated. There are all kinds of precautions being taken, but this is still me to myself, every single day:

Other than that, I'm really loving college. Not to say I'm on the Dark Side, but this is me everyday, too:

Because I am so eager and perky I tend to wave to everyone I see. And say "hey" obsessively.

TA: '"No bueno."
Professor: "What?"
TA: "I said, 'no bueno'."
Professor: "Why'd you say that?"
TA: "I heard someone just say it."
Professor: "Why?"
Student: "I said it because I was talking about aches and pains."
TA: "Relatable."
Professor: "That is no bueno."'

It hasn't all been sparkles so far. 

Actually footage of me before I realized the answer to that question was "nothing" when it should've been "fill out the worksheet".

I missed two of my first assignments one after another because I was oblivious and just forgot that they existed. And I forgot the check the work that was due online. 

Online sources have been saving me even though I keep forgetting about them.

That was great. But, both professors were super nice about it!

I get kind of maniacal while completing things late at night or early in the morning. I have revelations that I think are genius but I probably just sound crazy.

Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow level of crazy.

Professor: "Smite and sucking up are the words of the day. I'm going to have to incorporate those in my other two classes."

Me, whenever the professor asks if anyone has a question:

There is something magic about the words "Questions?" that erases the memory of any dire questions I had. 

Me, immediately after that when I realize I have a million questions.

That, of course, is on the inside. I'm much more sophisticated when talking out loud. 

Or I would be, if I did. Usually I just sit confused and finally catch on.

Student: *asks a question*
Professor: "They did! Wait, are you doing the quiz right now?"
Student: "Yes."
*everyone laughs*
Professor: "Don't do the quiz right now, people! But, kudos to you for your honesty."
*everyone applauds*
Other student: "You said to use any resources we had for the quiz."
Professor: "I did say that, didn't I?"

Me, realizing I submitted something in the wrong format or style:

The only upside is that I look really cool in my blue light glasses. Though I think I might have to get real glasses sometime soon...

In Biology my professor has us talk to the people around us several times each class to explain what we're learning about to each other to make sure we are understanding. This is me, but not just me. Most people do this, too.

Don't worry, by the next question we've figured out what the previous one meant.

Me, either surprised that I got something wrong (which I shouldn't be, because I hate Greek myths and avoid them at all costs yet was still offended there was one I didn't know about) or when I'm trying to boost my confidence.

Professor, answering a question: "I can't draw a straight line, but you can't draw a straight line in history."

Sometimes this is what it feels like history has been:

Which of course makes my reply:

But mostly it's really fascinating.

Talking about the Illiad: 
Professor: "'Cuz Zeus is really smart. And Paris is very good looking but not that smart."

If the professor could actually talk to Paris, this is probably what she'd say.

Before that, we'd been talking about the Minoans and other myths. ("That's the word of the day: 'Slay the Minotaur'.")
Professor: "She falls in love with him, like, immediately, which is what happens in every great Greek mythology." 
Later: "It's so Greek. Greeks loved a great tragedy. Romans liked more comedies."

Me, doing math in my head:

One day when I was trying to do homework I was getting really frustrated, but I thought I was hiding it well. Apparently not, because my roommate came over and asked me, "Are you ready to murder someone?"
She is a brilliant teacher because she helped me out and made things make so much sense. In what is supposed to be my major. I might be having regrets. But not too many.

Me, almost everyday, explaining my messes to my roommate.

You can all bet that I'm fun to live with. I don't think I'm as eccentric as Sherlock, but then again, neither does Sherlock.

Me, getting way too invested into the weirdest and most unimportant things:

Professor:"It's called progress!"
Class: *silence* 
Professor: "Okay, you all are clearly not as excited about that as I am."

I know my favorite incident so far. *heavy sarcasm* I brought up a topic from a reading and while there was one way it couldn't been interpreted, I was talking about something completely different. But, of course, it lead the whole course of the discussion in the opposite way for awhile, and it was long enough that I hoped everyone had forgotten it had stemmed for me. That is, until the professor brought it back to me with my name, saying: "So thank you for waking everybody up."

Me, after reading a ton of things and answering a million questions before realizing I have to work on homework for more than one class.

Student: "Nobody wants to do manual labor."
Me, in my head:

Guys, I can't tell you how long I've been wanting to use this GIF because I love this movie. My sisters and I say this to each other all the time.

You guys saw my last post with a ton of gifs talking about working with my dad. I'm weird and prefer heavy labor instead of things that take a lot of precision.

I am so obsessed with fiction I have already made a million references (which are good practice for citing things) just in answering discussion questions. These include:

Or is history all just one melodrama?

You guys have now seen quite the look into my college experience. But enough about me. 

Tell me about what you have all been up to! If you are a blogger, then tell me which of your posts you enjoyed writing the most so I can be sure to check it out! Any questions about what any of these gifs are from? I'd love to talk about your favorites.

Until next time, my friends! Which won't be too long, as Hamlette is hosting her Tolkien Blog Party next week! You'll be sure to see something out of that for me then...

Have a great day!

Chloe the MovieCritic


  1. What a fun post! I'm so happy to hear more about how everything is going at college!

    Haha, "Don't Freak Out", "I've been looking forward to this", and perky is pretty much how I feel every day, too! I LOVE BEING IN COLLEGE SO MUCH I DON'T UNDERSTAND! WHY IS IT SO FUN???

    Ahhh all the quotes from your professors are so funny! Sounds like you have good teachers. :)

    Oh yes, "Does anyone have any questions?", the dreaded question. XD

    Ah, math. I hope that continues to go okay! Are you taking calc this semester (I can't remember)? Because calc is HARD.

    I love that you've made so many references in answering discussion questions! That's amazing. XD

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this so much! Your GIF choices are perfect.

  3. This was so much fun to read! MC, I had no idea we were the same age...I actually thought you were older than me. It sounds like you're having a great time at college. My experience has been great too, although I commute an hour. I don't have the "on-campus life" or the roommate experience, but I've been LOVING IT! Part of me misses the homeschool life, but part of me wants to stay in college.

    Oh my, your professors' comments are too funny, XD. My campus is only open partially, so I only have one in person lab. Your classes sound very fun.

    I relate to the missing the deadline. I've had nights where I know the due date is coming up, and spend the whole evening wondering if I have the date wrong...

    Other than college, the most exciting thing that happened was getting my driver's license two days before classes started. I haven't been blogging much, but hopefully I can participate in the Tolkien Blog Party. Lovely hearing from you again! :)

  4. These gif's are awesome!

    Oh, Greek mythology! When I got to college I was made aware of just how sanitized the versions of Greek myths I'd learned were: as one prof said, the gods slept with everything, "human, plant, animal." My (younger) sister asked me how exactly I'd previously thought the Minotaur came into being . . . I hadn't thought. This is part of the "oldest child of homeschooled family is the most clueless" phenomenon.

  5. MC congratulations on starting college! And I've MISSED you! (I've been AWOL just as much as you've been AWOL, I think. It's just HARD to make time for blogging when college hits you with a ton of bricks, amiright?)

    Your history class sounds a lot like one of my history classes this semester! We had to read selections from the Iliad and I enjoyed it way too much, haha. The Greeks definitely like their tragedy. And Paris is definitely a blithering idiot. (Poor Hector.)

    Donkey shaking his head. XD That's me, too. Internally, that is. Especially when it's my favorite professor asking, cuz I'm just like, "Nope! Nobody ask any questions! We don't want to waste time on questions! We want more LECTURE!" <<< total nerd

    Best of luck with school and life and bloggerly pursuits! You've got this! :)

  6. Congrats on college. That's a big step. My life was turned upside down in August due to a lot of things, but I've come through it all right.

  7. Congrats on starting college! These gifs bring back so many memories!!

  8. XD Love this! College sounds equal parts fun and hard because deadlines and assignments. Glad your enjoying it though.
    Fantastic gifs! I love Knight's Tale too.


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